Dietz & Watson

Maple Turkey Breast

This lucky turkey breast got the Vermont maple syrup and clover honey treatment then went for a roast in the oven for that perfectly balanced sweet and smoky taste.


A huge deli selection

A comprehensive selection of imported cheeses & sliced meats

 At Fircrest Market we love to support our local Sonoma and Marin County artisan cheesemakers. Cheeses made with love and care with the help of fresh milk from local goats and cows. We also have a wonderful selection of complementing crackers and accompaniments to pair with them. Grabbing a sandwich from the deli? Don’t forget a delicious pasta or potato salad made fresh daily by our local purveyor, Sonoma Salad. 

Boar’s Head Black Forest Ham $9.97/Lb.

Crafted with the finest ingredients and exceptional care, this ham is naturally smoked with imported German beechwood.

Columbus Mortadella $8.97/Lb.

The Italian Bologna. Wonderful for lunchtime sandwiches. Try some with a delicious jack cheese.

Fresh baked seasonal treats

Baked fresh and ready to go home with you today

We have a bit of a sweet tooth here at Fircrest Market. From our selection of fresh baked sweet and savory muffins for breakfast to our Seasonal cookies and fresh baked pies we have a treat everyone will enjoy.

Jalapeño Muenster $8.47/Lb.

This cheese is delicious for a sandwich or even better melted in a grilled cheese with ham or sliced apples.

Local Muir Vegan Apple or Berry Pies $19.99/Ea.

Locally handmade from scratch. 30 oz. Pie.
Local Muir Vegan Cherry Pie $20.99/Ea.